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Mini Events
If you/your character would like to host a mini event, please post here with the following form:
[post][b]Event Name:[/b] (ie: Lilith's Easter Dinner, Homer's Orgy)
[b]Original Thread:[/b] [url=link here]Title here[/url]
[b]Description Tag:[/b] word/symbol/emoji used to tag this event
[b]Anything Else?:[/b] If it's for a specific member group, or if there's anything else people should know about the event (BYOB? Dress code? etc)

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Event Name: Lilith's Easter Feast
Original Thread: Hope and renewal
Description Tag:
Anything Else?: She literally invited everyone. They were *encouraged* to wear their Easter best, but she won't kick anyone out for wearing sweats!

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