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 Spring update, pt 2

played by queen

better than ur faves

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you were the proudest thing i'd ever seen
married to christina tbh
Happy Spring Noir! As you've probably noticed by now, we're doing our skin change a bit early this year. Honestly, we just couldn't wait!

A little while ago, we asked you guys if there was anything you wanted us to bring to the site, and with the announcement/skin change, we listened! You'll notice the icon in the top user links – this will notify you of any alerts you have! You can change what kind of alerts you receive by going to your profile settings ( icon at the top).

We are also making a change to rules/general format of the site. We've noticed that many of the threads in the Rapid Fire forum are just as long or detailed as regular threads, and sometimes in regular threads, they run more like rapid fire. Because of this (and something else, which you'll see in a sec), we have removed the Rapid Fire forum and now allow rapid fire threads throughout the board. We have always prioritized quality over quantity, so as long as you and your threading partner(s) are happy, your posts can be any length, in any forum.

The other reason we wanted to make this change is because we are introducing member-organized mini events. From now on, anyone is welcome to start a mini event. This can be a party, a rehearsal, a group trip into town, or any other sort of event. Rather than having sub-forums for these events (like we have in the past–for example, the Halloween Ball), we will be using topic descriptions.

If you would like to start a mini event, you will simply post a starter in whatever forum is appropriate, and include either a word, symbol, or emoji in the topic description. Then, you can post here with a brief description of the event and the word/symbol/emoji people should use to indicate that a thread is taking place at that event. This way, for example, Homer can throw a circus-wide rave, but no one has to worry about keeping track of a massive group thread, and we don't have to deal with making new subforums all the time. Characters can have intimate/private conversations/interactions at big events, but because of the tags, they'll also be able to react to other things happening around them!If you're still confused, take a look at Lilith's Easter Dinner!

As always, thank you guys for being amazing members and keeping this place going for so long! We do have some exciting things planned for our SEVENTH! anniversary in August, so stay tuned for that! πŸ’—

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