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 Harper Grey

played by Brit

Sideshow Performer

20 (N/A)
Andover, UK
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    Harper Grey
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    Harper is a fairly proud person and a bit loud, though thankfully not arrogant. She is confident in her own abilities but has underestimated the abilities of others more than once. Usually she is relaxed with other performers, freely joking around and trying to have a good time, but reserved with guests, preferring to keep things business-like.

    This snake charmer believes strongly in the supernatural; prepared to argue for hours that fairies, ghosts and monsters exist. She refuses to even tamper with the notion that they don't and will even bring up Sombre to prove her point - even though she is incredibly reluctant to talk about the ominous circus owner. The curse of the circus has scared her off leaving the circus at all, even though the others come and go freely on Sundays.

    Although Harper is easy to rouse when she's aware she needs to be up early, she sleeps like the dead on her days off. When awoken without reason, hell knows no fury - though her tantrums only last for a few moments before she falls back asleep again, thankfully.

    Passionate about her snakes, Harper can rarely be found without her hog island boa - a friendly 'little' reptile known as Pumpkin, due to his blood morph. Either coiled around some equipment or wrapped around her shoulders, Harper only leaves him alone when he's feeding or shedding.

    During these moments of solitude, there is a clear damper on Harper's personality. She's noticeably quieter and a lot more jumpy depending on where she is. The performer becomes more anxious when separated from her snake, whom has been with her since before she had joined the circus.


    Harper originally lived in Andover, England, a small town in the south, and her posh accent shows through quite strongly. Her family lived there happily, finally settling down after moving around due to her father's military background. However, a job opportunity was presented to her dad that would require them to move to America - closer to where her father was to be stationed.

    Harper and her mum didn't mind - they had what you'd call 'itchy feet' from moving around constantly and had already grown bored of their current house. So, they waited for two years until Harper finished college at 19 and moved to New Orleans. Harper didn't have many friends she'd call close and they had no pets at the time, as their royal python had passed on, so there weren't any complications with the move.

    After acquiring a small flat, Harper and her mother were left to their own devices since Dad was stationed too far away to make a daily commute and instead stayed at the base. They didn't mind and spent many days travelling America, exploring the famous landmarks they'd heard about. Harper helped her mother paint the pictures she sold at events and sketched things she saw in her spare time.

    A few months near her 20th birthday, Harper asked if she could buy a hog island boa she has seen in a local pet store. She had always been fascinated with snakes, like her parents, but their royal python had died before they moved at the grand age of 26 years. Having money saved up from the paintings they had sold, her mother agreed and a teenage Pumpkin was introduced to the family.

    Harper wasted no time letting Pumpkin get used to her, letting him wriggle around on her bed as she sketched or played games on her laptop. She'd especially enjoy leaving him curl around her shoulders as she walked to the shops - smiling and letting people touch or flinch from him as they saw fit.

    Unfortunately, nor her, Pumpkin or her mother could've predicted the gas leak that occurred in the flat above theirs - nor could they have predicted the strength of the fire that shortly followed.

    Harper was sketching Pumpkin as he rested happily on her lap when she heard a faint pop, immediately followed by a brain-wracking explosion. Stunned, Harper slowly regained her senses and realized she was hunched over her snake, who was flicking his tongue nervously. Her head was ringing but she could still feel the intense heat. She knew she had to get out,

    Carrying Pumpkin under her leather jacket, Harper stumbled from her room and half-ran, half-hobbled for the door. One of her strongest regrets was not checking on her mum, on whether or not she was okay, but something was near pushing her out of that building.

    Shoving open the fire escape in the stairwell, Harper turned away from the main street and staggered towards the dense forests that lay behind the burning block of flats. She still isn't sure why she didn't just go for help but some questions just don't have answers.

    Beyond that point, her memory grows hazy - maybe from the shock or maybe from the curse, possibly both. She can remember bumping into trunks, watching the leaves pass under her as she walked, Pumpkin's cold scales against her skin. Shortly followed was large circus tents, hushed voices. She could remember being with a man, an authority figure of some sort, but she couldn't remember exactly what he looked like. A scrap of paper, a warning hiss from Pumpkin.

    The next thing she knew was being woken up in an unfamiliar tent, being told a list of rules, a list of duties and being told "Welcome to Le Cirque Noir."

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    Sideshow Performer
    Mackenzie Foy
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    Late Teens

played by sophie

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