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 now you're outside me, with sombre

played by sophie


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was it magic or midas that touched you? and by magic I mean trickery, and by midas, I mean faith
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New Orleans
sleeping with homer hill

Grace wasn't usually what you'd call a relaxed person. You might call her type-A, or if you're being a little mean, high strung. She was a little bit of a perfectionist, and she liked things a certain way.

She especially liked things a certain way if they had been that way for over 80 years, and most of her life. Not to mention if things had been working that way, anyway!

She didn't completely hate change, but why should these things be changed?

Over the past few months, she had becoming more and more stressed, more and more tightly wound, and it was all because of all this change. Lucifer hadn't even been at the circus that long, but he had started making plays for power the moment he signed on – even before then, if she could believe all she heard! Now he had somehow wormed his way into Sombre's ear and the sideshow acts were all being moved into the Big Top.

But what about the performers?

They would simply have to get used to a smaller space, or enjoy their time off until a solution was found for their act. And what would she do?

They were sure she'd figure things out.


That was the real change upsetting her so much. Lucifer and Sombre were practically one in the same now, when only a short while ago, Grace had been the person closest to him. She had grown up with him, literally known her her entire life. She had loved him entirely, even has he grew darker and more distant, and now he put his faith in someone else.

Someone without anyone's best interests in mind, if you asked her.

She was pacing the blood red carpet across from Sombre's desk. His hat was sitting on the desk and his eyes followed her as she streaked back and forth. His expression was blank, interested but emotionless.

β€œYou can't let this happen,” she said when she finally stopped and faced him. There was a hint of desperation in her voice, and a wild look behind her eyes. β€œYou can't let him change the entire foundation of your circus – of our circus! Did you forget that? Did you forget I was here when you started all this, when you became Sombre?” She was panting slightly and early tears glinted in her eyes.

β€œHow can you pick someone like him, over your own family? He drove his own brother away. How can you trust him? I swear to you, Sam, he's actual, literal evil!”

β€œAnd you aren't.”

His voice was low and gravelly, like it hadn't been used in some time. She froze with his words. She hadn't really expected him to answer, much less to say that. He didn't deny that Lucifer might actually be evil. He just said that she wasn't.

β€œWhat does that have to do with it? Why does that make it okay?” She just didn't understand why he'd want someone like that to be so high up, to have so much control.

β€œIt takes a toll, Gracie. It's not just business, and it has a price. He can afford it.”

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