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 happy anniversary!!!!!

played by sakurazuka seishirou


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Happy seventh anniversary Le Cirque!!!!

First off we want to thank every single member past and present for making it possible to keep this site open for so long. It's been awesome to write with and meet everyone! You guys are really amazing and we're so thankful for you. πŸ’› We couldn't do any of this without you and you guys have stuck with us and have been patient on down times and really, there aren't enough ways to say, you guys are just perfect. (β—‘β€Ώβ—‘βœΏ)

We've closed the shipper app poll and it seems you guys are cool with making the switch! The new application is up right here, along with the reply code for plotting! Please update your apps with this new code and add in your plot page information. All apps must be changed by September 16 and all plot pages will be archived.

Now let's get to the stuff we're dying to tell you, lmao!

Freaks, it's your time to shine! The freaks have taken over the Big Top and are now considered the main event. Since Lucifer has seemed to sway the favor of Sombre himself and has gotten his way of (nearly) taking over the circus, all of the performers have been shuffled along to the sideshow. Unfortunately for them, this means that not all the acts will be able to perform in such small tents.

Most acrobats, big animal acts and the globe of death riders are out of a job at the moment. This is causing a lot of stress for the already stressed out Grace, who isn't exactly feeling like herself lately. And of course the performer's respective directors are also feeling put out by these turn of events.

Lucifer, though, will accept any performer that will be loyal to him and he's not above bribery. He's upped the workers pay in hopes they'll enjoy a circus under his control.

If your character is confused, good.

We'll be revealing more to this site wide plot more in the coming weeks! We promised BIG THINGSβ„’. ;D

You guys can start playing out your characters reactions to these changes or anything you like! Have fun with this plot and just go wild!!! Also, if this helps any of your plots or creates a new one for you, Lucifer has also done away with the marriage rule for sharing traincars. SO, that means pretty much anyone can move in with anyone. If you'd like to change your character's car to room with another specific character, you can use the code here in the housing claim.

That's all for the major updates! As always you can comment to this thread or PM me or Sophie if you have any questions or suggestions! Once again, we really want to thank you guys. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›Stay classy, tbh.

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