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Posted by: monsieur sombre Jun 12 2012, 09:01 PM
the plot
Le Cirque Noir. The Black Circus. There are many rumors about the origins of this dark place, and its owner, the mysterious Monsieur Sombre. But what people really come to see are the members. The strange and fantastic side show freaks. The beautiful and talented performers in the Big Top. And how could we forget the lovely ladies of the Burlesque show?

Le Cirque Noir is a site about just that--the lives and stories of the members of the Black Circus, the people who signed their lives away to Monsieur Sombre. Here you may join as a performer, a side show act, a worker, or even a director of Le Cirque Noir. While no one may play the Monsieur himself, there is still plenty of speculation about what he is like and who he really is under that low slung top hat.

The only magic at Le Cirque Noir is that which keeps the members eternally young. The curse is included as a clause in the contract signed by all members when they join the circus, although no member can clearly recall the moment that they signed. In fact, all of their memories around joining seem to be blurred, though the hardest to recall is certainly the time they spent in Sombre's office with that fateful piece of paper between them.

So, what do you say? It may be a dark and twisted tale, but are you interested? Why don't you come down -- come down and join the circus. There's no audition to get into the show. All that we ask for is your immortal soul.

To learn more about Monsieur Sombre and the show, take a look at the History of Le Cirque Noir.

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