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 employment descriptions

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job descriptions
Below you'll find longer descriptions of a few of the more complex or detailed jobs at Le Ciruqe Noir! If neither the information in the employment list or here clear up your questions, feel free to check with an admin!
Ringmaster -- The Ringmaster is the show's Master of Ceremonies (such as parades and special events) and main announcer. The Ringmaster (or in our case, Ring-mistress) is also the de facto #2 after Monsieur Sombre. She makes the final decisions on almost everything from costumes for the Spec. Show to opening a new game booth on the Carnival.

acrobatic director -- This person choreographs and coordinates all of the acrobatic performances, such as the acro dances, russian bar, and wheel of death/space wheel. They also work with new performers to train them for their acts and handles any problems that might arise with acrobatic acts,

performance director -- The performance director is basically the stage manager for the Spec Show. They work closely with the Ring mistress and other directors to plan and execute the order or the Spec. Show. They also work with the riggers, sound technicians, pyro-technicians, and other workers to ensure all the magic happens without a hitch!

stunt director -- the stunt director supervises all "stunt" performances in the Spec Show, such as tightrope walking, fire dancers, and the globe of death. Not only do they ensure performers are following any and all established protocols for their acts, but also making sure all of their props and equipment are working functionally to prevent any problems--especially injuries to the risk-taking performers!

Menagerie Director -- This person is in charge of all the animals. Different from the Vet, they do not attend to their medical or health issues. They oversee the animal handlers and the performers who work with animals to be sure they are following protocol when it comes to animal treatment. They also ensure the menagerie is run smoothly, keeping the animals in their areas and preventing or handling any problems that may arise, such as too-small cages, or unpleasant pairings. They work with the performance director and vet closely to ensure both the audience and the animals will be satisfied with their acts.

spec girls -- for the most part, spec girls are there to be assistants and distractions during the Big Top spec show, however there are some instances where they may work in the sideshow, such as being an assistant to the Illusionist.

Tamers vs. Trainers -- Tamers are performers, while Trainers are workers. With the exception of Exotic Animals, all animals have trainers AND tamers. Trainers (workers) work with the animal and performer to teach them their tricks and acts; they also work with the animals closely on their own, usually being their primary caretakers. Tamers (performers) learn the acts and how to interact with their animals. Their primary interaction is during rehearsals and the Spec. Show. Due to their more sensitive natures, Exotic Animal Tamers do both the performing and training of their animals, as well as much of the primary care taking.

Wunderkammer -- Also known as a Cabinet of Curiosities, this is a one-tent version of a Believe-It-or-Not museum, with exhibits ranging from innocent interests (oversized moths or exotic birds) to some darker relics (shrunken heads or ...other objects of human origin).

Gaffer -- Gaffers are like sound technicians, but for lights! They work with the directors to plan the light schemes, and then do all of the setup and controls. They have to have to-the-second timing and great attention, since this is such an important aspect of all performances!

Misc. Workmen -- For the most part, Misc. Workmen do the work of a janitorial staff: they sweep up, make minor repairs, and maintain amenities (someone has to collect the coins from the laundry machines!). From time to time they'll help out with positions such as mechanics or rigging, but that is less common now that the circus is stationary in New Orleans again!

musicians -- musicians mostly work in the big top/spec show, but may be called to work other places, such as the cooch tent or g top!

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