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 Fitzpatrick, Kassandra D., Tattoo Artist

played by Dr. Gonzo

Tattoo Artist

24 (27)
Charlotte, North Carolina
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    Kassandra Fitzpatrick
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    Kassandra Donna 'Kass' Fitzpatrick was born in the summer of 1985, in Charlotte North Carolina, alongside her twin sister Katherine, to parents Henry and Patricia Fitzpatrick. She had a happy childhood, growing up around a bunch of bikers from the Charlotte NC chapter of the Blood Clover Motorcycle club, who treated both the twin and their younger sister Carrie almost like princesses in Kass's young life.

    As she got into her early teens, Kass shed her princess persona, and became more tomboyish, often following her father and brothers on hunting trips in the wilderness of North Carolina. Her parents were a bit hesitant about the whole thing for the first year, but into the second, her father began to teach her survival skills, as well as how to hunt and track, rather then her just waiting for them at the woods camp. For the rest of her teenage years and into her early twenties it became a tradition for them to go out during the falls.

    When Kassandra was eighteen in 2003, she graduated from high school alongside her twin Katie, and both took jobs as a bartender at the Blood Clover owned and operated bar called The Crymson Clover. Both worked there for the next couple years, dealing with drunk patrons (who she would beat the crap out of for touching her) and bar fights (which she happily threw herself into). For a long time following, everything was relatively peaceful and the twins found a desire to become tattoo artists, both finding apprenticeships at one of the shops in the city nearby.

    There was an incident roughly two years following the twins’ high school graduation, a bar fight with members of a rival club that had gotten too far out of hand. At the end of the scuffle, Kass counted the number of bodies on the floor and come up with six. She was responsible in part for one, having slit the throat of the biker thrown back-first against the bar by one of her brothers, Nathan. She'd have stayed out of it altogether, until the man had pulled out a gun and was bringing it up to fire at her older sibling.

    Kass made sure he never got the chance to pull the trigger, smashing a glass against the side of the man's head, and then grabbing his hair before dragging the sharp edge of her switchblade across his neck. He'd dropped, the gun lost somewhere on the floor off to his left side, he was dead and Katherine had shot him afterwards with the dropped gun to be sure.

    Next thing Kass and her twin knew, they were in the back of a truck and heading west to lay low with some distant family in Los Vegas, her father having sent everyone that had killed that night to the wind until the fallout with both the other gang and the police blew over. However, the heat never died down and many of the members of both biker clubs ended up doing time, with the clubs forced to disband in the aftermath.

    It was some four years later in 2011 that the Cirque would pass through Vegas and the twins saw a chance for a fresh start, and signed away their souls at age 24 for the chance to live forever, taking up the role of tattooists within the travelling show. In the two years since, Kassandra would make a number of friends among the fellow workers, performers and the sideshow members while trying to keep herself distanced from the politics of the management. On occasion she and her twin would give free ink to fellow employees, gaining favor amongst them and ensuring protection if needed against the less friendly elements of the cirque, not that either of the twins were not skilled enough to defend themselves on their own.

    Kassandra loves her job as much as she ever did, but more and more of late has been developing a desire to learn a performance skill, Now mentally nearing age 27, she is wanting to try new things and perhaps might find secret talent and a secondary 'part-time' job with the cirque, depending on whether or not she can find someone willing to teach her knife juggling or help to improve her accuracy with throwing them. Only time will tell what the future holds for her and her sister.

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    24 (32)
    played by
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    Kassandra is an overall friendly 'young' woman, with a love of partying, drinking and fighting, habits shared by her twin. She is fiercely protective of those she loves, even willing to kill for them, and will have little to no regret for having to do so as proven before. She has a love for art and can often be found designing new tattoos for herself and her sister to draw upon the flesh of themselves and others.
    Kassandra is no fan of the police and if given a choice in matters will keep herself as far removed from any that might visit the Cirque. She is also not much interested in the in-house 'game of thrones' being played by the leaders and for the most part keeps her distance from them as well to avoid getting caught up in any schemes not of her own plans, or that of her twin sister's.
    Kassandra has a secret lover and is not seeking to make it public save to turn away anyone that might try to get her into their bed. (This may change over time, depending on whether or not I can convince a friend to join.) She is completely committed to said relationship and would never cheat, even if she might get a bit flirty when drunk or stoned.

played by sophie

carnival ride op.

21 (36)
and every night I think I certainly won't ever sleep sober, or alone. then, suddenly, it occurs to me I slept alone before you
worker admin
calabasas, ca
a mess
directory β€’ face claim β€’ housing

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