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 Watson,S. Emagene, Worker/Musician

played by Maggie

Clean Up Crew

15 (N/A)
El Paso Texas
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    Emagene Sue Watson
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    Warning: abuse mentioned

    Emagene Sue Watson. youngest of 3 born to Military man George Watson and his stay at home wife Caroline Watson. She had a older brother and a younger sister who she loved dearly and were very close to.

    However, growing up wasn't easy for the military children. From being pulled one place to another, to watching their mother struggle to keep the house together while their father was away being deployed or else where. But the most peaceful of times was when their father wasn't home.

    When he was at home he tended to drink a lot and would be very angry towards his wife and children and take out his frustrations onto them. The eldest brother Tidus would take the brunt of the abuse to keep it from directing towards anyone else but once he was 16, he had enough of his father and fist fought him over his mother and was kicked out. He promised Emagene that once he had a place of his own he'd be back for her and their kid sister Sarah and that was the last time she had heard from him. She was 14.

    On her 15th birthday several months after this, she got a violin as a present. Emagene loved music and singing. even as a baby banging on things, singing and making up her own songs. She had a natural talent for music.

    But shortly after receiving the violin as she was practicing playing she hadn't heard her father yell to stop the racket. He barged into her room and destroyed her violin and screamed at her leaving her feeling just as shattered as the pieces of wood that lay across her floor. As she cleaned up the debris, she made her mind up to find her brother and plot to help their sister escape.

    See, Emagene was usually very loyal to siblings and more of a mother to younger Sarah, but Sarah was the youngest and was most favored of them all, rarely did she see her fathers wrath. Emagene thought to herself that she would be fine until they were able to conjure up a plan but she felt like she couldn't without her Irish twin brother, of whom she was very close with.

    So she set off in the middle of the night kissing her sleeping sister goodbye as she slept and packing a small carry away bag before hand. Suburb life was scary at night time to Emagene. It was quiet, save for the sound of the crickets and other night critters abroad and the occasional car that passed by, and no one stopped.

    Eventually she realized she was lost and stopped somewhere that seemed safe and sound in their small town for the night, falling asleep after a couple hours of debating on going back the way she came. But finally making her determined mind up that no she wasn't backing out now.

    At daylight she managed to awake with out being seen from the shed of someone's yard and made her way to get some food with the money from her piggy bank. There in that cafe she seen the sign that the circus was in town. She had never been to a circus and the thought of it excited the adventurous side inside her. She hoped that maybe Titus would be attracted to it as well so it was decided she would go there.

    She showed up early. There was a boy whose skin was as white as milk almost like it was see through as she could see the blue veins across his skin. He had a small pony tail which held his moon white hair and had crystal blue eyes. An albino boy who looked near her age. He caught her sneaking around trying to peek inside and grabbed her by the arm with a broom in his other hand. "What do you think you're doing?!" he growled at her. She was shocked at his reaction to her presence and mostly of his appearance. "I.. I just wanted to see inside." She said meekly. He sling her arm out of his grasp. "Well you can see when you pay for your ticket." he said harshly. "I.. don't have enough money for a ticket.." She said as she rubbed her arm, he scoffed. "Not my problem. Get lost before the Monsieur sees you. " She knew that was french. "You mean.. the ring leader?" she asked looking at him as he continued to sweep the area. Looking aggravated he sighed deeply and looked around. "Look, just get lost okay. If someone were to find out you were here getting free peaks I'd get my hide tanned.. and that's not a good thing for people like me." "but I don't see any--" "Please." There was an urgency in his eyes this time. "It's not safe here." She seen the seriousness in his eyes and slowly relented, but that didn't keep her coming in that night.

    She snuck in after everyone was tucked into the wide arena and watched from a hidey-hole near the entrance. Amazed at all she had seen she stuck around until everyone was gone, no Titus. but now her interests were set somewhere else for the moment and curious Emagene snuck behind the stage where the animals were freshly caged and peered in at them with wide eyes. A voice came from behind her, a voice that was as smooth as velvet that dripped of strength and years. "Beautiful isn't she?" She was surprised to hear someone's voice and gasped backing away. "I.. I'm sorry mister I just.." "Asia. I thought it was very fitting to name the tiger of the place of it's origin." The man was turning looking at the animals with a black and silver headed cane. He was very well dressed not a wrinkle in his black tuxedo. "We have a lot of wild animals here.. some, with less fur.. would you like to see?"

    9 years later...

    Emagene can barely remember the life she had before the circus, mostly that it wasn't a good one. The memory of how she got here was a blur to her as well, it was as if she had been here all a long.

    The people here were like family to her, they took care of her, especially those on the Janitorial sector which was where she had been for years. That is until she found a violin in performers room one day as she nosed around while cleaning. There was something so familiar about the way it looked, it brought to her emotions of happiness and sadness and she played it beautifully. She played all the instruments there. It wasn't until she was caught touching the them did she become promoted to playing the music for the circus. At first she was slapped to the ground and scolded harshly over it until someone.. that voice.. so familiar.. stopped it and requested that from now on I play for him, for the circus, so that's what she did.

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    Jennifer Garner
    played by

played by christina

burlesque director

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lmfao she'll cut you

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