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monsieur sombre Posted on Jun 11 2012, 07:40 PM
who's whonow that you’ve been accepted as a member of le cirque noir we want to make sure that we keep all of your characters organized. please post here with your alias and your character’s full name. remember to POST IN CODE and use your character’s USER PROFILE, not their application.BRATLEY ALEKSANDR DOROZHKOV // security director VIKING BJÖRNSSON // strongman cami lark maitland // corde lisse CHESHIREBRICE O'RIORDAN // goose boySYLVIE DUPONT // hermaphroditeEVAN SULLIVAN // clownJIM UNDERHILL // bill posterTHELONIOUS WILDE // engineerJACK ROSEN // doctorLEVI RESSLER // rubber manNIKOLAY DOROZHKOV // knife throwerCHRISTINAagatha chase // spec. girlarthur wilde // tightrope walkeratticus holliday // securitybartholomew moss // veterinarianboris nikolayev // cookbrandon steward // living statuecain fisher // games booth op.carole flemming // bartenderclifford smith // mechanicdecember gray // knife throwereugene harvey // accounting directorfabian decker // glass walkerferdinand wyatt // tailorfrederick snow // daycare attendantgarcia valdez // bullwhipgregory cameron // mediumhogarth tremblay // photographerhomer hill // ventriloquistira hunt // exotic animal trainer (pangolin)jasper lovejoy // petting zoo keeperkirby somers // concession vendorlazaro rivera // exotic animal trainer (serval)leif hansen // exotic animal trainer (opossum)leopold anders // tiger trainerlucifer quinlan // sideshow directormontgomery black // souvenir vendornelson cross // hook hangerrandall jedrey // fat ladyrussell doane // fortune tellersalvatore gotti // big cat tamersilas weir // ride op.stanley irving // sharpshootersterling layton // escape artistvernon leblanc // werewolf manvladimir dimir // cannibalwolfgang schmitt // magicianwynfreda lennox // make up artistyumi moon // burlesque directorDR. GONZOEVA LYNCH // hook hangerKASSANDRA FITZPATRICK // tattoo artistEL BANDITA LINEA MARKS // knife jugglerLANAELSIE ATCHESON // nurseMOCHI SAM RILEY // bill posterARDEN KEYS // dishwasher GRAHAM HUNT // acrobatic director ETHAN BELLAMY // daycare attendant JULIET DURANT // knife throwerMARY ABELN // mermaidRACHEL2FEATHERSKATYA VASILIEVNA // corde lisse/spanish webSAV JAMIE MILLER // trapeze artistSOPHIEamy p. // elephant trainerannabell d. // spec girl.astrid b. // trampoline acrobataubrey s.j. // bee beardercamille d.a. // bird ladycaroline k. // pyrotechnicscarson r. // living skeletoncharity p. // owl girlchristine j. // spec. girlclara d. // snake charmerclaudia d.o. // misc. workercordelia h. // flying trapezecressa d. // henna artistdallas b. // mechanicdaphne w. // petting zoo keeperedeline w. // seamstressella a. // fire dancerelsa v. // bear trainerelsbeth g. // ringmistresserin c. // peacock trainerfreya l. // falconergage k. // psychologistkatherine r. // dog trainerlilith s. // cookpenelope b. // burlesque dancerpeony d. // geek rosalia diaz // sugar sculptorsarah t. // hook hangersorrel c. // prop handtallulah s. // ride ops.TRINA SANTIAGO TORRES // fire dancerPENN WOLFE // burlesque dancerkara wayne // burlesque dancercullen brekker // coal walkerTEMPERANCE BURKE // magician #2CASSANDRA LEVINE // artistic directorVALERIO RIVERA // cook

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