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please do NOT pm this account.

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something wicked this way comes
open for business

Give us all your open threads! Just reply with the topic link, title and a brief summary of what's happening and one of the admins will make sure to list it right here for you. Happy threading. ❤

played by Jules


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"I pirouette in the dark / I see the stars through a mirror / Tired mechanical heart / Beats 'til the song disappears.."
Dance like no one's watching --- It's a Sunday and Talia has taken over Big Top, in order to start practicing on a new routine if anyone cares to interrupt or catch a sneak peek at what she's been working on?

played by Cheshire


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Got God on the drums and the Devil on the bass, If you wanna dance you better find a space
atoka, oklahoma

played by trina

burlesque dancer

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what if i was wrong, and jumped to conclusions cause the chance of losing you was all too dangerous. So I just assume that you're doing things before you get the chance. So I can leave and feel like I've got the upper hand
married to jasper lovejoy
You are invited to attend the wedding of KARA WAYNE & JASPER LOVEJOY on Sunday, July 2nd 2017 at 4PM.

The wedding will take place in the Big Top and formal wear is required to attend. The reception will be held at the G-Top after the ceremony.


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