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 the employment list

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This is a list detailing different positions of employment at Le Cirque Noir. Keep in mind that you must consult this before creating a new character and either choose one of the open positions or, if what you are looking for isn't here, suggest an act or job to be added to the list. The numbers in parenthesis show the amount of characters already filling that position. Once a position is full it will be stricken through (some may be filled with one character, while others may be able to hold multiple), and no more characters can be made for that act or job. You can reserve a position for four days by using the code and posting in this thread. If you have any questions about anything on this list as well as what sort of characters might be "allowed", don't hesitate to ask an admin through pm or our feedback forum. Additionally, please check here for more elaborate descriptions of some of the jobs on these lists!

Acrobatic Director -- This person is in charge of all acrobatic performances by choreographing them as well as making adjustments and changes when performers are injured. He or she oversees the acrobats training as well as their head coach and mentor.

Artistic Director -- The Artistic Director decides on the general look and feel of the show. They make the decisions regarding aspects like the music, lights, and props used in the show.

Accounting Director -- The Accounting Director keep the circus's ledger, totalling up ticket sales, expenses, and whatnot. When things get tight, they know where to cut funding, and when things are looking good, they dictate which acts are pulling in profits so the performers can GET PAID more. They distribute pay as well as keep a record for any problems that might cause pay to be docked.

Burlesque Director -- The person responsible for choreographing, staging, and directing the burlesque show in the Cooch Tent. All of the burlesque girls answer to this leading lady.

Cookhouse Director -- This person leads the small band of workers in the kitchen. They order the produce, dairy, and meats three times a week, and are periodically on-site during the day. They are required to help out in the physical labor, though their priority is to oversee the kitchen, make sure it is clean, and the food being pushed out is wholesome.

Menagerie Director -- This person is in charge of all the animals. Different from the Vet, they do not attend to their medical or health issues--rather they prevent them from happening. They oversee the animal handlers and the performers who work with animals to be sure they are following protocol when it comes to animal treatment. They also ensure the menagerie is run smoothly, keeping the animals in their areas and preventing or handling any problems that may arise. They work with the performance director and vet closely to ensure both the audience and the animals will be satisfied with their acts.

Performance Director -- This person is in charge of all acts in making sure they are performed to the best of their ability and run without a hitch. They are also the "stage manager" of the show who decides and signals the pacing of the acts. He or she has the authority to rearrange the order of acts during a live show in case of an emergency.

Ringmaster -- The Ringmaster is the show's Master of Ceremonies (such as parades and special events) and main announcer.

Security Director -- This person organizes and trains the show's "patches", or security team. They are in charge of keeping performers and sideshow acts safe, as well as removing any disruptive rubes from the premises.

Sideshow Director -- This person is in charge of all of the side show acts or most commonly known as the 'freaks'. They keep (or try to keep) arguably the most unruly member group in line. It's their responsibility to enforce certain rules set in place by Monsieur Sombre himself. They do not, however, have any authority over the Burlesque dancers.

Stunt Director -- This person is in charge of coordinating all stunts in the show, such as The Human Cannonball, The Globe of Death, the Space Wheel, etc. They make sure everything is safe and smooth, and that the dangerous acts they're in charge of will go off without problem during a show.

Workmen Director (Punk Pusher) -- This person is in charge of keeping everything running smoothly by overseeing all workmen and delegating tasks.


-- Acrobalance
-- Acro Dance
-- Cyr Wheel/German Wheel (1)
-- Chinese Pole
-- Human Pyramid
-- Power Tumbling)
-- Free Walkers
-- Russian Bar
-- Russian Swing
-- Teeter Board/Korean Plank
-- Trampoline (1)
-- Wheel of Death/Space Wheel
-- Aerial Hoop
-- Aerial Silks
-- Aerial Straps
-- Aerial Cradle
-- Corde Lisse/Spanish Web (1)
-- Flying Trapeze/Multiple Trapeze (2)
-- Static Trapeze (1)
Animal Acts
-- Big Cat Tamer
-- Dog Handler (1)
-- Elephant Rider
-- Falconer
-- Trick Rider
Exotic Animal Trainers
-- Bear
-- Flamingos
-- Opossum
-- Otters
-- Pangolin
Artistic Cyclers
Artist (speed painting)
Bullwhip/Lasso (1)
Chair Balancers
-- Water Bowl
-- Handbalancing/walking
-- Perch Pole
-- Rolling Globe
-- Roman Ladders
-- Tightrope Driver
-- Tightrope Walking (1)
-- Unicycling
Escape Artists (1)
Fire Manipulators/Dancers (2)
Globe of Death Motorcyclists
Hoop Dancers
Human Cannonball
-- Balls, Clubs, Rings, etc.
-- Contact
-- Chainsaw
-- Devil Sticks
-- Diabolo
-- Hat Manipulation
-- Knives (1)
-- Plate Spinning
Jump Rope/Double Dutch
Knife Throwers (3)
Magician (2)
Performance Singer
-- Back-up singers/choir
Spec. Girls (5)
Stilt Walkers


-- Bird Woman
-- Fish Woman/Mermaid
-- Snake Woman
-- Tiger Woman
-- Werewolf Man
-- Black Widow
-- Goose Boy
-- Lobster Boy
-- Camel Girl
-- Elephant Man
-- Crocodile Boy
-- Owl Girl
Armless Wonder
Bearded Lady
Bee Bearder (1)
Bed of Nails
Burlesque Dancers (5)
Coal Walkers (1)
Fat Lady
Fire Eaters/Blowers (2)
Glass Eater/Walkers (2)
Hair Suspension
Hook Hangers (2)
Human Blockhead
Human Pincushion
Living Iceman
Living Skeleton
Living Statues (1)
Most Tattooed/Pierced Man
Psychic/Fortune Teller
Rubber Man
Shortest/Tallest Man
Siamese Twins
Snake Charmer (1)
Sword Swallowers (1)
Voodoo Priestess

Animal Caretakers
Animal Trainers
-- Big Cats (1)
-- Elephants (1)
-- Horses
Announcers (Pitchmen)
Big Top Band
-- Accordion
-- Baritones (1)
-- Bass Drum
-- Calliope
-- Cello
-- Clarinet
-- Cornets
-- Cymbals
-- Double Bass
-- Flute
-- French Horn
-- Guitar
-- Piano
-- Saxophone
-- Snare Drums
-- Trombone
-- Trumpet
-- Tuba
-- Violin
-- Xylophone
Bill Posters (Advertisers) (3)
Carnival Ride Operators (2)
Concession/Souvenir Vendors (2)
Costume Characters
Games Booth Operators (1)
Cookhouse Cooks/Dishwashers (3)
Daycare attendants (1)
Face Painters (1)
G-Top Bartenders (2)
G-Top Lounge Singer
Henna Artist
Make-up artists (1)
Mechanics (2)
Misc. Workmen
Nurse (2)
Photographers (1)
Photo booth technicians
Prop Hands (1)
Pyrotechnicians (1)
Seamstresses/Tailors (2)
Patches (Security) (1)
Petting Zookeeper (2)
Sound Technicians
Sugar Sculptor (1)
Tattoo Artist
Ticket Booth Operator
Train Engineer

reserve or suggest

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[b]SUGGESTION[/b] [QUOTE][b]NAME OF POSITION:[/b] [b]MEMBER GROUP:[/b] (Director, Performer, Freak/Sideshow, or Worker) [b]DESCRIPTION:[/b][/QUOTE]

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