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Mar 13 2015, 02:18 AM
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<div style="width: 380px; background-color: #222; padding-top: 1px; padding-bottom: 1px; text-align: center; font-family: wire one; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 40px; color: #acacac; border-top: 1px dotted #acacac; line-height: 100%;">Bella care for a chocolate Kiss</div><p>

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Rolland LeBeau had spent a good part of his eight years in this Circus not just performing his act but making sure everyone here knew his face. LeBeau wanted to set up relationships whether just by brief passing, association, friends, if by some opportunity a lover or a more volatile relation. It was hardly his plan, it was just the way he worked once he settled into an area it was natural for him to garner eyes. He did not need to try and this in itself caused problems but when he was on stage the lights like a lovers gentle caress did nothing but enhance what he already have. With one hand, he drew in the crowd and in another, he revealed what he wanted them to see and for the eight years he had come here, it was, as he tried to be a different act each time always leaving someone guessing. He looked as though he lived beneath the spotlight when it reality he thrived in the darkness. However, he much preferred the dawn over all. He can live in either world just fine it had just been a considerable amount of time since his last heist, or was it. </p>
<p>Rolland, for the moment is only interested in doing one thing trying to get to know this one woman. Simple no, but was he not doing that with all, being friendly toward all of those that are beautiful in their own way. There had to be some reason he was putting so much effort since this one had no desire at all to be social and his attempts subtle as they were, were all brushed off one right after another. Now he never did get frustrated only more determined since if one angle did not work another will he had not absolutely tried everything yet, and this time well he decided to go for the direct approach. Right after his act done and a few more later came up the one he had been waiting for, the water bowl. Under the big top tent that crowds had gathered just to see performance that installed nothing but wonder, though this one is a feast for the eyes in more ways than one. Once the lights had dimmed all but a single ray cascading down to reveal a bowl and the striking creature of myth awaiting with an ethereal sort of presence. None other than Dahlia Celestine and if there was ever a person to be called a mermaid it is her. </p>
<p>Not because of looks those were a given, which caused his pools to never leave the act once it begun. There was more to it though it was the other part of him giving respect due to the amount of skill and talent Dahlia did. Observant nothing can fool the eyes of a thief, it wasn’t easy to flow so fluidly in water the way she did, and not a single movement was wasted. Perfection. Every act she performed too the letter leaving a grown man in rippling chills down his spine and he if he did not know any better, which most men did not at times, will have probably went to his watery doom with nothing but a smile on his face. Rolland may have had a fanciful idea or two of drowning himself if it meant getting a step closer to the Death Circus’s mermaid. Fortunately, he is smarter than that least to some degree something had to be wrong with him for coming back for more. Once the act had come to a he stuck to his guns having not changed out in the long dress shirt, fine pair of slacks, and black suede shoes he wore, upon his broad masculine frame, this all from his performance. Looking every bit of a gentlemen that lacked his coat but he did have the hat which he tipped it partially to give a fine colored shadow to his face. A visage no matter how cleaned up still remained roguish, scruffy, as others will say handsome. He will did not notice nor cared born with the natural charm and his smile one of the most distinguishing features. It meant all sorts of good as well as trouble, the delicious type of kind. </p>
<p>All of this was what made up man least on first sight and for the presence he gave off it was hardly an act neither was he trying. There was no such thing as an off or on switch with Rolland being every bit as honest with his intentions which left one to wonder if it was all an act. If it was, he may have been one of the best liars under the big top. On the other hand, true gentlemen leave it to those to make that judgment for themselves. “Dahlia Celestine a wonderful performance.” He had such a deep drawl to his voice, only adding depth and quality to his baritones. Rolland slid his hat down his shoulders and pressed it right over his chest. “I hope to have a moment of your time.”



<p><div style="width:330; height:18; background-color:#222; border-right:25px solid #222; border-left:25px dotted #222;"><div style="padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 3px; text-align: center; font-family: wire one; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 14px; letter-spacing: 2px; color: white;"><marquee scrollamount="3">TAG : Dahlia! NOTES : Grins!. WORDS : 956 </marquee></div></div></div>
<div style="width: 380px; text-align: center; color: acacac; font-family: georgia; font-size: 9px; overflow: hidden; margin-top:7px; text-transform: lowercase;">thanks, <a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?showuser=39954">ginny weasley</a> from caution 2.0!</div>
Mar 10 2015, 06:43 PM
Rolland here likes to think of himself the premiere Hat manipulation attraction at the Devil Circus. At the prime age of twenty-nine (36) he has a bit of quirky, adorableness about him mixed up with that all natural charm that really he is unable to turn off since that is him. He does possess wit and slyness of a fox, he was…or maybe still is a thief after all. No matter how many years seem to pass by he has not changed one bit, there is no denying his confidence and perhaps his spirit is eternal to match the purgatory he is in, at the Circus. Rolland is no fool though he knows exactly what he has gotten himself into, no sense in not enjoying an opportunity when it is there but what is his real aim. Cannot be fiddling with those hats with those deft hands of his, despite him being good at it and looking darn good in them too.

Well can people stand his outlook some here would just seriously succumb to the idea of how truly condemned here at the Devil Circus a person is. Rolland is just enjoying himself and does not mind the company of another who can handle him. Trying to spread that infectious charm of his will, you join him for a drink or two. Banter, a battle of wits or able to perceive what is in his left hand when it is really his right that has something there. Rolland care to join him, Rolland has a bit of something for everyone.

Rolland’s personality alone can well rub people the wrong way. If anyone can figure out that, he was a former thief before coming here might stir some trouble as well. He also…cannot turn off the fact that he can be a Ladies man and this might turn some wrathful heads, angry boyfriends, brothers, fathers, sisters, etc well you can get the jist.

Rolland is a gentleman and a friend to women out there. He is not a virgin. Well not actively looking if the opportunity arises when he shows avid interest and another as well then how can he turn a blind eye to it, what is natural of course.
Mar 10 2015, 12:58 PM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 525px; height: 410px; background-image:url(http://i.imgur.com/FuG4Mwt.png);padding: 5px 0 5px 0;"><table cellspacing="5px;"><td><div class="app1"><div class="app2">

<p>Rolland age ten, in the dead of winter. Had been found in a ship wreckage along the Gulf of Mexico as the only survivor. He did not have all too peachy childhood, there wasn’t any to speak of since from the moment he can open his eyes all he can remember was the same four colored walls and machines that kept him company. Other than the nurse and doctors that poked and prodded him day in and day out, his mental health was fine despite his major loss in memories ever since arriving here the only other problem, is his body. A prison made out of flesh, suffering from SCI and the doctors could not determine till eighteen months passed whether he will make signs of a recovery, the one thing he was good at doing is talking, and for a child his age he did talk quite a big game. Not even his condition kicked him down, having more than enough spunk for those that lacked it. He swore that someday he would get up, walk right out that window, and see the world all to himself. The harsh reality that he might live his life right on that hospital bed or on a wheel chair did not deter the boy in the slightest. Rolland didn’t care to hear from anyone of what the odds were he enjoyed just barreling right through each and every impossible thing and once he got out of this bed he will show everyone. Least the kid had an optimistic attitude right.
<p>There was not much a low end clinic can do for the homeless and what was provided was the bare minimum and for Rolland didn’t complain much. Only that he wished for more challenging partners as he did not need a pair of legs to play a game of cards and one of his favorites was solitaire. The day of his puberty was a life changing one for the unlikely event the doctor spoke of was what had happened. Right on that hospital bed a present was given to him, he felt one of his toes move and called for the nurse. Rolland was excited beyond belief and a miracle had occurred surely others could see it and surprised registered on the nurse’s face when his toe did indeed move. The less than probable chance of happening had happened Lady Luck was on Rolland’s side from that day onward. It took Rolland most of his childhood and nearly years into his teenage life before he could walk on his own two feet even more than to be able to run and he never felt so alive. His world had expanded far behind the bed and he wanted it to expand it further from the hospital. </p>

<p>On his fifteenth birthday, he had left the hospital room without so much as a goodbye, or anything heartwarming. He went right out through the window and he found himself and his body granting him one gift right after another. For every scrape, every bruise and panting of breath his heart beating wildly was one new experience after another. He wanted more. More. The streets for someone so young were supposed to be frightening but to him it was his playground. Gripping the only pair of shirt he wore tightly in his palms and feeling the raw beating of his heart and the elation never faded after that day. He felt alive. Truly alive. With a smile to his lips and well, the unfortunate glow of his hospital gown experiencing the same thing as his deck of cards and the bed. He had absolutely nothing…besides his wit, charm, and the sleight of his hands. After all he did not spend all his time in chairs and beds doing nothing his hands were quick so, was he. Everything else became natural and his first stop was well getting himself some clothes when the opportunity presented itself and there was many. The first thing he stole was pair of clothes right from an open window apartment and that was not the last.</p>

<p>During the eleven years till the age of twenty-six, he spent it perfecting his craft finding more than just a thrill of taking things that were not meant to be his it became a way of life. His profession he took great pride in was none other than a thief, and thieves were bastards. He did make his way to quite a bit of the world only to come back to where it all started along the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans. He found himself intrigued in a certain circus a mystery he wanted to solve there was rumors about the place. Rolland wanted to put these rumors to rest, and perhaps find a bit of treasure or two in the process. The man bold, brave, and perhaps foolish enough approached Sombre as himself. Not the thief. If talent was all Sombre wanted than Rolland had that in spades only did this time was Lady Luck enough for this new life he had contracted himself into. Rolland perhaps either did not care or held quite a bit of confidence after all he still had his sense of freedom, his charm, his legs and, his way of life. A hat manipulator (a thief).</p>

<p>What is locked... can be opened...</p>

<p>What is hidden... can be found...</p>

<p>What is yours...</p>

<p>...can be mine.</p>
<p>(From — Garrett, Thief: Deadly Shadows Official Trailer)</p>

</div></div></td><td><div class="appPIC" style="background-image:url(http://i1314.photobucket.com/albums/t579/EnderViridus/FORELapp_zps78guml4q.png)"><div class="appNAME">Rolland LeBeau</div><div class="appINFO"><div style="height: 100px">29/37<BR>playby<BR>hat manipulation<br>performers</div><HR><b>ooc</b><BR>Cal<BR>30/pacific/male</div></div>
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