welcome to le cirque noir, a former traveling circus roleplay with a dark twist. we're a no word count, free form application site that places an emphasis on original writing and character development. please register an OOC account and then you may start registering your characters! character accounts should be just their first and last name. if you have any questions or site-related needs, please feel free to pm an admin.

The circus is now back in New Orleans for the foreseeable future!

May 18 Check out our May Update about character ages and new forums. Also the March update if you haven't already!
October 13 Some exciting stuff is happening this month! A Halloween Ball for all the Le Cirque Members, and a new type of accounts and way to do plot pages!
August 16 HOLY CRAP GUYS! We've been open for FOUR YEARS! Click here to check out our anniversary news!
July 31
please check our update regarding the new age verification when you enter forums!
March 28
march update // activity check news ♥ here

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