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Born: 17 September 1991
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Alias: eira
Character Age: 19
Character Act/Position: petting zookeeper
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lyrics: i'd forgotten how it felt before the whole world fell at our feet...
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karraleigh wellington


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Nov 12 2015, 04:10 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">

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all hail the queen of your soul ~


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<div align="center"><table><tr><td valign="top"><div class="app5c">

<div class="app5b">eiraaaaa</div>

<div class="app5b">18</div>

<div class="app5b">gmt</div>

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the one true hoe.



</div></div><div class="name1"><div class="name2">karraleigh wellington</div>
<div class="name3">hannah sykes ◊ 19 (24) ◊ petting zookeeper ◊ worker</div>
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