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Reeva Geldenhuys


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Dec 14 2015, 05:33 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">

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<center><i>3 years ago.
<bR>New Orleans, Louisiana.</i></center><p> She walks into the room slowly, the soft click of her black pumps accompanying her carefully measured strides. The light streaming in from the open door behind her is framing the soft curve of her body, and as she turns around to face him, it is reflected in the gold of her hair. Slowly, she removes her black leather gloves, placing them neatly in the pocket of her tan trenchcoat; but she makes no motion to remove those oversized black sunglasses, although the room is quite dim. As she looks at him, her mouth draws into a thin-lipped smile. “<b>So, where do I sign?</b>”<hR>
<center><i>27 years earlier.
<br>Pretoria, South Africa.</i></center><p>


<div class="tab">
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<div class="app5">
<div align="center"><table><tr><td valign="top"><div class="app5c">

<div class="app5b">Cami</div>

<div class="app5b">24</div>

<div class="app5b">GMT+1</div>

</div></td><td></td><td valign="top"><div class="app5c" style="text-align:justify;">

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</div></div><div class="name1"><div class="name2">Reeva Geldenhuys</div>
<div class="name3">iskra lawrence ◊ 27 (30) ◊ impersonator ◊ freakshow</div>
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