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Mar 2 2016, 05:42 PM
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Amy was still very, <i>very</i> new to the circus. She had figured out quite a bit of things, like that they could only leave on Sundays, and they weren't going to age even if they stuck around for 50 or 60 years. She had also learned that the way people partied here was mostly to pick their poison and take it until they weren't sober and just blanked out. No lights, not music, very little dancing. She was a bit disappointed at that, but she was already doing her best to take as full advantage of those Sundays off as she could. She was not going to spend the rest of eternity just sitting around with a pint.<p>What wasn't new to her was her job. Sure, she hadn't really worked with <i>performing</i> elephants in the past, but even the elephants at the zoo did a few tricks for visitors to "ooh" and "ahh" over. Plus the ones here had even more experience and time at the circus than she did, so it wasn't like she was teaching them too many old tricks. She was mostly making sure they were still up to speed on their usual ones, and occasionally updating their repertoire. <p>One thing she was finding difficult was getting them the space and time they needed for exercise. Sure, elephants weren't like dogs in that they didn't run around all day or anything like that, but they still needed more room than their sections in the menagerie to walk around, socialize, eat, and bathe. She led them out from the tent carefully, during a slow time, with King Babar in front and Speckles at the rear. There was a pretty big field behind where the train was parked that she figured would be good for them. When she got there, she saw she wasn't the only one with a similar idea: a girl, appearing about her own age (though she knew she couldn't necessarily trust that) was already out there with a few horses. Amy called out: <B>"Hey!"</b> with a wave. When she got her attention she asked, <B>"Mind if we join ya?"</b>

Feb 2 2016, 07:51 PM
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<div class="dayz">push bar to open</div><p>It's a bleak, wet day when you're pulled into the world, red and screaming, to a young couple just getting started in Berkshire. Your father has just started at a software company, and your mother teaches primary school, or will again in September after her maternity leave ends. They're exhausted but smiling, glowing with the warmth and love and eagerness of a new family with a bright future.<p>You're a talkative baby, chattering nonsense all day, and unfortunately, screaming through much of the night. Sleep is hard for you, but your parents take turns feeding you, changing you, and shushing you back into dreams that use to just be colors and shapes, but now are more defined.<p>You don't quiet down too much as you grow up, but still your parents love you, and beam as you learn to walk, and read, and write, and make lots of friends. That really seems to be your strength: you can many friends with anyone and any thing: other babies, toddlers, teenagers as you grow up, adults, the elderly, dogs, cats, birds, even foxes and squirrels have been known to approach you--or at least let you approach them without cowering or running away. You're a happy, amiable girl who always seems to have something to say, about how great the weather is, or someone's new haircut, or did you hear about the great news? Your smile seems permanent, and genuine.<p>

<div class="dayz">no parking - loading zone</div><p>You do well in school. You make a lot of friends, and fairly good grades. It's not usually anything like straight 100s, but you never fail a class, and your even make honors a few terms. You manage to take dance lessons and work at the animal groomers by the time you're 14. You father advances, taking night classes to stay up to date on technological advances, but since your mother works at your school, his occasional absence doesn't make things too difficult at home. If anything, it gives you and your mother a chance to become close, almost like friends as much as mother and daughter.<p>She encourages your hobbies and friendships with the kids at school. They all seem like good ones, with talk of A-levels and careers and moving up in the world. Some of them have even been through her class. Their parents come occasionally for supper or tea.<p>And not all of it is a lie. In fact, most of it really is true. You really do have plans to go to college and take your A-levels in a few years. You do well at your job, helping the groomers keep the animals under control, and even though you're not exactly a prima ballerina, you have fun at dance lessons, and even keep taking them as a teenager. <p>What your parents don't know is that most of your get-togethers with your friends aren't exactly taking place at the library. Your late nights aren't because of study sessions for hard exams. No, rather than all of you devoting so much time to school, you split up your assignments, one friend taking literature, another history, a third geometry, and you do biology. After you share your answers and change the words so they don't all sound entirely the same, you change. You dress up, sequins and makeup, hairspray, fishnets, the works. You start off at the underage clubs, sneaking flasks or drinking light beers from the more lenient servers. Once your figure comes in you start going to the adult clubs, the all-night raves. You don't really do drugs, but you drink. Your grades don't slip, but your secret life starts to wear on you.<p>Your parents start to notice you're not as quick in the mornings, you're more reluctant to get out of bed. Your makeup smudges on your pillow and sheets because you're crashing too quick to take it off. Everything has a few flecks of glitter on it, somehow.<p>When you actually get detained at a party your parents think something might need to change. There had already been some talk, but you didn't notice. You were too wrapped up in your friends, in drinks and heavy bass, to see your parents fretting, talking nervously.<p>

<div class="dayz">employees only beyond this point</div><p>As it happened, your father had been head-hunted by an American company. Your parents had been weighing the pros and cons of moving, uprooting their lives and heading to the states. They worried about how it might affect you.<p>But when they realized you weren't quite the perfect child, that you actually had found yourself in a bit of trouble, they thought maybe a change would be good. Maybe a new location, new, <i>better</i> friends, would set you back on the right path. So they packed up everything that had ever been a part of your life, and the three of you flew across the ocean, then across a continent to California for your father's new job.<p>School was different here, and confusing. You had to complete more of it, and work a bit harder than you had back home. You struggle for a few months, but find your rhythm, and a good science teacher, and manage to bring your GPA up to your parents new standards. They monitor your movements more closely now. You can't get into trouble here. The police are stricter, plus you can't just walk home from the pub, and clubs and parties tend not to be in the safest neighborhoods. Plus you're foreign, even if you speak pretty much the same language. Your parents don't want to see you dragged home by the scruff of your neck again.<p>It takes a while, but you find some friends. You join a science club and start staying late after school, claiming video screenings, zoo trips, or even stargazing with them. Sometimes this is true, but other times you're exploring the nightlife of your new town, catching rides with seniors or college students, and even your teacher from time to time.<p>But your father's job is paying well, and offering him some exciting opportunities, and your mother completes the certifications she needs to start teaching again, and you seem to be acclimating well enough. No policemen knock on the door at 3 in the morning, and your grades are fine. You figured out how to cover the smell of alcohol on your breath and skin, and the second-hand smoke that always seeped into your clothes, and started carrying face wipes so even leftover makeup smudges on your pillow wouldn't give you away. You've gotten cleverer.<p>By the time you graduate high school, you figure you've spent more time at parties and clubs than in the actual classroom. Your biology teacher has given you enough extra credit for science club and the volunteer work you started doing at the zoo, though, that you have 100% in that class, pulling your average up enough that the classes you skipped don't hold you back. <p>After much debate, you go to the local two-year college for a degree in wildlife management, and ask to start working with only one type of animal at your volunteer position, rather than bouncing around to where they need help any particular week.<p>Because of a newborn calf, they assign you to work with the elephants. You help take care of the baby, weighing and feeding, making sure bonding happens with the mother and the rest of the tiny herd that lives there. Your grades at college are even better than high school, since you don't have as many unnecessary classes, and you're really finally studying the things you want to.<p>When the end of your time in school starts to approach, you get nervous. Unfortunately, the zoo you've given so much time to can't afford to pay you at the moment. Your parents offer some help, but there's no guarantee that you'll be able to find a job even within the next year if you stay here. You start searching the internet, digging through postings and replies, fake ads and things that ask for even higher requirements than yours. One day you stumble across an ad asking for someone who is trained to work with elephants. They say you'd be helping train them for performances, but also being a general caretaker, keeping them healthy and sane--an important part of elephant care. You've never been to New Orleans, or anywhere in the South. Some of the things you've heard about it make you a bit anxious, but the ad says that meals and boarding are provided, and your research says the cost of living in general is low enough that any salary should be fine. Plus you have heard there is no where else like New Orleans when it comes to parties...<p>You talk with your parents, and they hug you and give you big sappy kisses to say goodbye. They help you pack and even take a week off of work to drive you down. They say they'll miss their little girl, but they're proud. They wait outside while you sign your contract with a man whose face you still can't really remember, and come with you to meet the elephants you'll be working with.<p>It's all incredibly exciting.


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</div></div><div class="name1"><div class="name2">amy peterson</div>
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